Birth Family Issues

Professionals now understand that loss is critically important for all members of what has come to be known as "the adoption triad". Loss of giving birth for most adoptive parents, loss of perceived biological heritage for the adopted child or adult and, most critically, loss of the child who was conceived and born for the birth parents. Understanding and accepting the loss that exists for everyone involved is important.

Search and reunions have become far more common thanks to the internet and social media, but so have fears of consequential relationship disruption. The practice of open adoption in recent years has to some extent bridged this divide, yet that too has resulted in disagreements over what 'open adoption' actually means, and whether informal or formal agreements actually hold water over time. The following are thoughtful Factsheets from the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents"
Searching for Birth Relatives
Reuniting with Birth Relatives

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