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Before You Begin:

The children who are listed here have received the consent of the court for their images and information to be made available to the public to help them find a permanent family. However, you may not copy the images or narratives, or use them for any other means. Thank you for your help in protecting and respecting the safety and privacy of these children.

Each child's narrative is intended to introduce you to the child while respecting the child's right to. The narrative is not intended to provide a detailed description of the child's history or current needs. The narrative does not list medical or mental health issues, nor does it fully capture the children's strengths. Details about children's educational, emotional, and medical needs are confidential, and do not appear in the children's photolisting.

Photolistings are merely introductions to the children. Complete disclosure of the children's history and needs will be shared with prospective adoptive parents in an appropriate time and manner as they go through the adoption process.

In order to be considered to be an adoptive family for children featured on the California Kids Connection website, you must have a completed homestudy.

If you do not have a completed fost/adoption homestudy:
  • If you live in California would like information about how to become a foster parent or an adoptive parent, please call California Kids Connection at 1-888-336-8860.
  • If you live outside of California and would like information about how to become a foster parent or and adoptive parent, please call 1-888-200-4005.
If you do have a completed fost/adoption homestudy, you may search for a child on this website. Click on View our Waiting Children. You can then enter criteria for the type of child(ren) you feel prepared to parent.
  • To express interest in a child, click on the yellow "I'm Interested" button. Fill out the Interest Form, and press the button that says, "Send Your Interest Form. The Interest Form will be emailed to the child(ren)'s Adoption Worker. Be assured that the child's Adoption Worker will receive your form. Because of the volume of responses that Adoption Workers receive for some children, it may take a while to respond to your Interest Form. It is also possible that you may not hear back from the Adoption Worker. It is the policy of some counties to not respond to inquiring families unless they are being considered as an adoptive family for the child. If you have any questions about this process, please send an email to .

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