About the Kids

Who Are The Children?

The children listed in the California Kids Connection database are often those who wait the longest for their adoptive family. They are either already legally free for adoption, or are expected to become free and the court has given approval for Internet photolisting. California needs adoptive families for the much larger number of children whose need for privacy prevents their images being made available in a public medium. If you are not the family selected for a child listed here, perhaps you may be appropriate for another child who cannot be listed.

Where Are The Children?

Nearly all of California's foster children are in the care of county Departments of Social Services and under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Courts. Most live in foster family homes supported by each individual county, or by private, non-profit foster family agencies throughout the State. Some children live in shelters or group homes because there are not enough foster family vacancies for every child. Many of the children have brothers or sisters with whom they live, but often such sibling groups do not live together because of the shortage of families available. Some children live in group homes or residential treatment facilities because of needs and behaviors that require a more intensive level of care than a family can provide. The goal for these children is to return to family care, hopefully by adoption.
About the Adoption Process
Glossary of Adoption Terms